Petroleum Marketer Services

FLEETCOR distributes our products and services directly to fleet customers as well as through our major oil company and petroleum marketing partners. We manage and market fleet card programs under our partners' own brands, allowing them to benefit from increased card use generated by our fleet customers.

  • CFN

    CFN (Commercial Fueling Network), a division of FLEETCOR, offers petroleum marketers the opportunity to join the largest cardlock fueling network in North America. Petroleum marketers that join CFN can accept CFN fleet cards at their cardlock fueling sites as well as issue cards to their fleet customers that are accepted in the CFN and Fuelman Network accepting sites. CFN cards are used for commercial fuel purchasing in North America.

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    Under the Mannatec brand, FLEETCOR offers private label fleet card services to petroleum marketers in North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean. For nearly thirty years, Mannatec has led the petroleum marketer private label fleet card industry by bringing continuous innovation to the market. Fleet cards are branded with the petroleum marketers' brands, and Mannatec provides a range of services from marketing and sales through transaction processing to servicing and receivables management to the petroleum marketer. In addition, many of these programs offer fleet card customers the opportunity to control fleet card purchases beyond the petroleum marketer's proprietary sites to either FLEETCOR's proprietary or universal merchant networks.

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  • Pacific Pride

    Pacific Pride is a recognized leader of the cardlock fueling industry with the most locations and a cardholder base in the millions. For more than 30 years, Pacific Pride has provided Marketers and their fleet customers the best in security, accuracy and technology. Pacific Pride is currently focused on growing in key markets throughout the United States and Canada.

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  • NKT

    NKT, is a subsidiary of FLEETCOR Eastern Europe, develops and provides the "best-in-class" specialized fuel card solution 'Petrol Plus' for merchants, including Major Oils, and fuel card issuers. NKT also provides acquiring, networking and processing services to most of merchants and fuel card players in Russia and CIS. The NKT own acquiring network is the largest in Russia. As the Russia's market leading fuel card solution company, NKT provides networking and processing services to more than 100 fuel card players in Russia and CIS.

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